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Corporate Law & General Business Law

To speak with an Attorney about your business matter, please contact us at 202-291-2914. HLG will provide direct legal representation to you or your organization in any of the following business related areas:
  • Formation of ---
  1. Sole Proprietorships
  2. General Partnerships
  3. Limited Partnerships
  4. Corporations (Closed Corporation, S Corporation, C Corporation)
  5. Limited Liability Companies
  6. Professional Limited Liability Companies
  • Preparation of ---
  1. Partnership Agreements
  2. Shareholder Agreements
  3. Bylaws
  4. Operating Agreements
  5. Membership Agreements
  6. Employment Agreements
  7. Security Agreements
  8. Asset Purchase and Sale Agreements
  9. Assignment, Assumption and Release Agreements
  10. Consent to Assignment and Assumption
  11. Lease Termination and Release
  12. Bill of Sale
  13. Promissory Notes
  • Review and/or prepare commercial contracts
  • Provide guidance in securities and accounting compliance related matters
  • Preparation of business plans
  • Registration of various business related licenses
  • Provide guidance with respect to tax related issues
  • Provide legal advice in finance and lending matters—
  1. Finding and using debt financing
  2. Non conventional sources of financing
  3. Equity financing
  4. Limited Liability Company and Limited Liability Equity
  5. Raising capital in stages
  • Negotiation of commercial leases
  • Provide guidance in protection of Intellectual Property (trademarks, copyrights, patents)
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