Divorce Proceedings

The caring and compassionate attorneys at The Harvey Law Group, PLLC understand how difficult a divorce can be and how it can negatively impact families.  We take our time to hear your story and advise you on the best path to restoring your life after a divorce.


We don't like seeing our clients being taken advantage of. We can help you with your divorce and assist you with the various aspects of your case.  A divorce attorney from our firm will deal with the other party on your behalf and defend you in court.  If you are seeking a caring and compassionate divorce attorney to help you with obtaining a divorce and who will advocate zealously on your behalf, contact our law office immediately by filling out and submitting this initial contact form, calling us today at 202-291-2914 or emailing us at Our firm can also help provide you with legal representation in the areas listed below:

• Requirements for Filing for Divorce

   1. Residency

   2. Grounds for Divorce

   3. Separation


• Obtain an uncontested divorce

• Obtain a contested divorce

• Advice on proof of Marriage

• Property

   1. Marital Property

   2. Non-marital Property

   3. Real Property

   4. Personal Property

   5. Marital Debts

   6. Intangible Assets

   7. Cash Assets

   8. Pensions


• Negotiate Property Distribution

• Negotiate Alimony

   1. Rehabilitative

   2. Permanent


• Review an existing Prenuptial Agreement

• Negotiate Child Custody & Visitation

   1. Legal Custody

   2. Physical Custody

   3. Joint Custody

   4. Age of Majority (Maryland-18/District of Columbia-21)

   5. Non-Custodial Parent’s Rights and Responsibilities


• Negotiate Child Support

   1. General Obligation

   2. Guidelines

   3. Paternity


• Restoration of Former Name

• The Hearing

• The Trial

• Adoption


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