The caring and compassionate attorneys at The Harvey Law Group, PLLC understand how difficult it is for immigrant families to obtain stellar immigration services or for businesses to legally hire foreign citizens to fill open highly skilled (e.g. technology) jobs and lower skilled (e.g. agricultural) jobs.  We take our time to hear your story and advise you on the best path forward to resolve your immigration needs.


We don't like seeing our clients being taken advantage of. We can help you with your immigration needs and assist you with the various aspects of your case.   If you or your business are seeking a caring, compassionate and zealous immigration attorney to assist you with your immigration needs, contact our law office immediately by at 202-291-2914, fill out and submit this initial contact form or email us today at  Our firm can provide you with legal representation in the areas listed below:

•  Naturalization (citizenship)

•  Asylum

•  Refugee

•  Employment-based immigration

                 --  H-1B non-immigrant professional visas

                 --  Persons of Extraordinary Ability visas

                 --  Multinational Executives and Managers visas

                 --  Outstanding Professors and Researchers visas

                 --  Investor visas

                 --  Nurse visas

                 --  Athlete and Group Entertainer Visas

                 --  Fashion Model Visas


•  Family-based immigration

                 --  Fiancée of US Citizen

                 --  Husband/Wife of US Citizen

                 --  Children of US Citizen

                 --  Brother and sister of US Citizen

                 --  Parents of US Citizen

                 --  Self-petitions for battered spouses and children

                 --  Petitions for Spouse, Parent, or Child of Member of Armed Forces Killed in combat

                 --  Widow of US Citizen


•  Religious Visas

•  Temporary Protected Status

•  Removal Proceedings

•  Diversity Immigrant Visas

•  Employment Authorization and Travel Documentation

•  Student and Trainee Visas

•  Temporary Visitor Visas


If you believe your Immigration Rights have been violated, call us today at 202-291-2914 or complete our contact form.

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