Do you have a tenant that has failed to pay his or her rent?  Are you having a difficult time removing that tenant?  Or, are you a tenant and you have faithfully paid your rent but your landlord has failed to make timely repairs or have neglected your home?  For example, have you complained about mold or mildew in your home, provided the landlord with an email or phone call complaining, but the landlord has refused to make the necessary repairs or has inadequately made repairs?  If any of the above situations apply to you, please contact our law firm to see if we can assist you.  We handle landlord-tenant disputes, evictions, actions to enforce housing code regulations and contract disputes.


If you believe your rights as a tenant have been violated or your rights as a landlord have been violated and you are seeking to remove a non-paying tenant, contact us today at 202-291-2914, complete this initial contact form or email us at   We will provide legal representation to you regarding the landlord-tenant issues described below:

• Security Deposits

   1. Receipt

   2. Amount

   3. Trust Account

   4. Interest

   5. Inspection of Rental Property

   6. Application of Deposit

   7. Return of Deposit


• Late & Legal Charges

   1. Enforcement

   2. Attorney Fees

   3. Court costs


• Non-Payment of Rent

   1. Timing

   2. Notice

   3. Suit

   4. Court Date

   5. Dismissal of Case

   6. Partial Payment

   7. Judgment

   8. Writ of Restitution

   9. Eviction

   10.  Redemption


• Breach of Lease other than Non-Payment Termination of Tenancy during Lease Term

   1. Tenant for Life

   2. Breach of Lease

   3. Suit

   4. Trial/Proof

   5. Judgment

   6. Persistent Late Payment

   7. Criminal Conviction


• Drug Related Eviction

   1. Drug Haven

   2. Elements of Proof

   3. Defenses

   4. Eviction


• Court Procedures

   1. Initial Hearing Date

   2. Default/Confession

   3. Consent Judgments

   4. Enforcement of Agreement

   5. Repairs

   6. Contested Cases

   7. Protected Order

   8. Mediation

   9. Bell Hearing

   10.  Court Registry

   11.  Bench/Jury Trial

   12.  Writs of Restitution


• Miscellaneous Situations

   1. Abandonment

   2. Death

   3. Persons Wrongfully in Possession

   4. Retaliation

   5. Rent Control Statute

   6. Tenant’s Notice of Intent to Vacate


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